"... under the banner of a new design language from the unique and distinctive design, which reflects the current dwelling unit between the kitchen and living room, cook and eat. Solutions where the kitchen blends with the living area for excellence in design and planning, the high quality of sustainable materials made with advanced technologies and full customization"


"Tops that move, fit into each other, rotate and play to form free, orthogonal geometric shapes. This is how compositions are born that add rhythm to space and beautify it with full and empty spaces. Creating proportions, functions and relations. These aren’t just mere lines but paths that express ones tastes; articulate aesthetic vibrations."


"A modern living: quality furniture and design.

The environment Living of Zalf dialogues in a harmonic and coordinated way with the Euromobil kitchens and with sofas and chaise of Désirée according to a project of total house unique and distinctive of Gruppo Euromobil.



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